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>>technical data DB5 RE


If some motorcycles are fast food, then the Bimota DB5r is 5 star Cuisine.  The honest and hard driving motor is archetypal transport of pure highway joy.  The 98hp motor mated with top of the range parts are all that is required.  A feast of details light weight and agility give form to the bikes function. The “R“ version includes top of the range Marzocchi Upside Down fork and Extreme Tech suspension. Light weight and secure handling complete the package.The “R“ version is 5 kg lighter again.
The OZ aluminium wheels alone save 4 kg.  The rest is from carbon fibre fairing and the motor housings. The bike stops on a pinhead with 4 piston Brembos biting on 320mm discs.  Driving braking maneuvers, an slipper clutch keeps the rear wheel controlled.
Any attempts to use the proven1100cc 2 valve Ducati EVO motor to set track records will be met with startled expressions and amazement from other riders, even though this is not the DB5R’s
raison d’être. This bike can certainly hold is head high in any race comparison with similarly specified  bikes, but it would be a shame to risk track damage.

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